America Holds Breath Over Biden-Trump Debate

Jun 25, 2024

The first official 2024 presidential debate between candidates President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will take place Thursday, June 27 in Atlanta.

Not only is the debate the first in modern memory to be held prior to either party’s official nominating convention, but the drama surrounding each candidate makes this one of the most high-stakes public events in history. “One candidate has just been convicted of 34 felonies and will be sentenced just days before he accepts his party’s nomination – yet his lead in the polls seems to be growing,” CBN wrote in their analysis. “The other candidate is struggling with a record disapproval rate and lapses in thinking and bewildering actions that raise questions about his continued performance in office.” (LEARN MORE: Biden Shares Demands For Trump Debates)

Both Camps Are Concerned

Along with the overall public perception of both candidates, many are concerned that CNN, the host network, will be biased against Trump throughout the proceedings. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson told media outlets that “everybody will be watching. I also expect that CNN is going to rig it as much as possible and make it as favorable as they possibly can for President Biden, but I don’t think it’s going to work.” (LEARN MORE: Biden Sued Over Conservative Censorship)

The Associated Press noted that “Perhaps nothing matters more than the level of energy and strength the Democratic incumbent projects on stage.” Both suggest that the perception of Biden is that he will be incapable of keeping up with his Republican counterpart. This sets the stage very low in terms of expectations for Biden.

“Some conservatives worry the MAGA movement has set the bar for Biden so low that if he merely shows up and is standing at the end of 90 minutes, his performance will be declared a win,” CBN suggested. (LEARN MORE: Biden Admin Hit With Big Loss In Media Censorship Case)

Stop Mass Media Censorship

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