Biden Shares Demands For Trump Debates

May 16, 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will share the debate stage in June and September 2024 ahead of the November presidential elections. On Wednesday, Biden announced his restrictions for the events.

Biden’s team announced the debates in a heavily edited video shared on social media, according to Fox. The announcement was joined by a letter from Biden’s campaign to the Commission on Presidential Debates, outlining a number of limits Biden’s team wants on the two events.

No Audience

Biden and his team don’t want any members of the American public present during the debates. “The debates should be conducted for the benefit of the American voters, watching on television and at home – not as entertainment for an in-person audience with raucous or disruptive partisans and donors, who consume valuable debate time with noisy spectacles of approval or jeering. As was the case with the original televised debates in 1960, a television studio with just the candidates and moderators is a better, more cost-efficient way to proceed: focused solely on the interests of voters,” Biden’s campaign wrote in the letter.

The only people apparently allowed to be present at the debates are Trump, Biden, and a moderator. They’ll apparently take place in a television studio. (LEARN MORE: Democrat Donor Spent $80M To ‘Silence’ Americans)

Silencing RFK Jr.

Biden’s campaign has demanded that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is successfully running for president as a third-party candidate, not be allowed to participate in the debates. “The debates should be one-on-one, allowing voters to compare the only two candidates with any statistical chance of prevailing in the Electoral College – and not squandering debate time on candidates with no prospect of becoming President,” Biden’s team demanded.

RFK Jr. followed up with a tweet on the matter, saying that Biden is trying to exclude him from the debates because he and his team are scared he’ll win. The move also “undermines democracy” by “keeping viable candidates off the debate stage.” (LEARN MORE: Interview Suggests New Evidence On Voter Machine Issues In 2020)

Censoring Press Presence

“It should be hosted by any broadcast organization that hosted a Republican Primary debate in 2016 in which Donald Trump participated, and a Democratic primary debate in 2020 in which President Biden participated – so neither campaign can assert that the sponsoring organization is obviously unacceptable: if both candidates have previously debated on their airwaves, then neither could object to such venue,” Biden’s team went on, essentially limiting the debates to either CNN, ABC, CBS, or Telemundo.

Mics Muted

When a candidate’s time expires, their mic must be muted, Biden’s campaign continued. This is hoped to mitigate cross-talk and interruptions. “There should be firm time limits for answers, and alternate turns to speak – so that the time is evenly divided and we have an exchange of views, not a spectacle of mutual interruption. A candidate’s microphone should only be active when it is his turn to speak, to promote adherence to the rules and orderly proceedings,” Biden’s campaign wrote. (LEARN MORE: Biden Admin Hit With Big Loss In Media Censorship Case)

Why Is Biden Censoring The Democratic Process?

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