Candace Owens Says Global ‘Christian Holocaust’ Is Happening

Jun 18, 2024

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens recently told “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that the media is ignoring a global “Christian Holocaust.”

Morgan pushed Owens on why she was so slow to say something about the 2023 massacre in Gaza by Hamas terrorists against Israelis and Palestinians. The attack killed as many as 1,163 people, including 31 Americans, the Christian Post noted. Owens argued that the attack and ongoing brutality of Hamas is “absolutely horrific” but that Christian suffering and death is all but ignored by the U.S. media.

“For whatever reason, it seems to be the circumstance that when Jewish people die in Israel, it’s wall-to-wall coverage, but when Christians die all over the world, nobody talks about it,” Owens told viewers. “Everyone wants to correlate everything to World War II. Everyone wants to talk about Adolf Hitler — and rightfully so, he was a horrific person — but nobody wants to talk about [Soviet official] Genrikh Yagoda, right?” (LEARN MORE: Death Camp Survivor May Die In Prison For Prayer)

Christian Holocaust

“Nobody wants to talk about the Bolsheviks. Nobody wants to talk about the Christian holocaust. I am tired of the media, exhausted of the media not speaking about what is happening to Christians all around the world,” Owens continued. “And it is especially horrific while at the exact same time that it is happening — the slaughter of Christians in Armenia, the arms being supplied by Israel — that the media turns the other way and says, ‘Oh, OK, but what about what about what’s happening in Israel?'”

Owens was previously accused of antisemitism by a former colleague but explained that as a Christian, her first concern is for her fellow Christians. “It seems like this is like a special category, the ‘special relationship’ that we have [with Israel]. I’m a Christian first, OK? And so my concerns are going to be with what’s happening to Christians all around the world because it is us: We are the No. 1 most persecuted religion in the world,” she continued. “And all Christians watching this need to realize the time is now to start speaking up because we have been silenced about the things that are happening to us for a very long time.” (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks Of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

What Else Did She Note?

“When there is wall-to-wall coverage of Christians being killed in Armenia, Christians being killed in Nigeria, and the treatment of Christians in America and all across the globe today, then you ask me if I will use my platform and I will use my voice to speak about what’s happening in Israel. How about that?” she told Morgan.

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