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Election Integrity
Elections should be fair and secure. We demand adherence to the Constitution and support measures that make it “easy to vote, hard to cheat,” such as regularly cleaned voter records, voter ID, proof of citizenship, signature verification, audits, and elimination of universal mail-in ballots, ballot trafficking, drop boxes, and private funding.
Forcing Americans to receive any unwanted medical intervention is an assault on our God-given freedom. The issue of mandates is separate from any discussion of the merits of the vaccine—it is about the abuse of governmental authority. We stand against mandates and support individuals’ right to choose.
We believe God made humans in His image and that every individual has equal value. We reject all attempts to discriminate based on skin color or ethnicity, including the infusion of Critical Race Theory into schools and workplaces. We advocate for equal treatment under the law and a one-tiered system of justice.
We believe we must protect those who cannot protect themselves. Therefore, we advocate for the lives of the most vulnerable Americans—our pre-born children—and uphold efforts to put an end to the practice of abortion while supporting expectant mothers during pregnancy and beyond.
God instructs us to defend against evil. The Second Amendment, declaring that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms…shall not be infringed,” aimed to secure our ability to defend against the evil of tyranny, including self-defense. Government has no authority to deny this fundamental right.
Educational Freedom
Parents’ God-given authority to raise their children extends to educational decisions. We believe in restoring parents to their rightful position by supporting school choice and rejecting efforts to undermine parental authority, including labeling them as terrorists for objecting to content—e.g., Critical Race Theory, political indoctrination, and overtly sexual content—that violates their values.
Borders and Immigration
Open borders promote lawlessness, including drug and sex trafficking, gang activity, kidnapping, and other egregious abuses of migrants. Americans’ security is diminished in terms of increased crime and competition for limited jobs and resources. We support policies that promote border security and controlled immigration—compassionate policies that protect the interests of both Americans and migrants.
Free Speech
Our Founders’ commitment to protecting free expression is quickly corroding due to woke censorship, cancel culture, and propaganda, posing serious threats to our enduring freedom. Access to all sides of an issue is essential for discerning truth and making informed decisions regarding the leadership of our nation.