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There Is Too Much at Stake

Americans with great moral beliefs are frustrated, on the sidelines, uninformed, and unable to make the impact necessary to change policy on their own. They are willing and ready. They just need to be educated and mobilized.

You can help us do just that.

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Apathetic believers

70% of people of faith in America do not vote. Over 30 million people aren’t using their voices to change policy. They are often unaware of the issues and what to do about them.

There is an emerging and observant generation that needs an answer.

Angry and misguided

Bombing social media doesn't produce change and often creates rifts in influence with our friends. Secondarily, the discussion and issues many people care about most are being censored or banned on social media.

a matter of follow-through

Elected representatives have told us a mailed note from a single constituent in their district is equivalent to representing hundreds of voters back home. It’s a simple matter of getting people to consistently send a powerful message each month.

It’s never been more necessary to cut through the noise and offer people an opportunity to use their voices.

There is an answer

Find disengaged voters & equip people to change policy

You Do It

Each month we will provide you with information on current developments for the issues you’ve indicated are important to you, as well as contact information for your local elected officials, equipping you to communicate your own views to your representatives.

Use this information to create your own mailed post on a regular basis. You can do it!

We Do It

The best way to ensure a consistent impact on your elected representatives is to automate the process.

We will handle the entire process of mailing your specific local elected officials on your behalf each month, including your personalized signature!

You’re Invited

Help us reach and activate 30 million people

Provide Knowledge and hope

Your donation will help us reach the 30 million people of faith that aren’t active in changing policy. Every $10 allows us to distribute 100 voter guides and educate people on why their vote is important.

Send effective & personal messages to state representatives

Our subscriber base grows daily, but it is difficult for people to send their cards consistently every month. When you donate, we are able to offer our messaging, handling, and shipping on their behalf.

Fulfill your desire to do more

If you are reading this, you are a person with influence, a moral conviction, resources, and the desire to see a broader impact on policies that are shaping our country’s future.

More than a donation, you are activating change, multiplying a shared belief, leaving a legacy, and empowering people.