Famous Actor Attributes Everything He Is To One Man

May 31, 2024

Actor Jonathan Roumie, who plays the role of Jesus Christ in hit series “The Chosen” says “everything” he is “is because of Him.”

Roumie was asked in May how he stays humble despite playing the second most famous being to ever exist. “Jesus is the ultimate,” Roumie replied, according to Christian Headlines. “And if I’m trying to model my life after Him, He was the supreme example of humility. You look at the cross. There’s no one that was more humble than He was. And so I have to remember that everything that I have is because of Him — everything that I went through was to get to this point where I surrendered to Him. And as a result, He’s taken me out of the pit and put me here with you guys and [director] Dallas [Jenkins] and [actress] Liz [Tabish] and an incredible place.” (LEARN MORE: Russell Brand Baptized In River Thames)

“I pinch myself every day. Words cannot really adequately describe how I feel, but all of it goes back to Him. And without Him, I am nothing,” he added. Staying “connected to your faith” and being “grounded in your belief” are also essential, Roumie continued. “I work for somebody like Dallas — he keeps me pretty humble,” Roumie stated, apparently smiling.

Lightness From The Dark

“All three of us, genuinely, in the months leading up to season one of the show … were probably in some of the darkest places of our lives, and that’s been true of a lot of the cast who came to the show. And I think that’s part of it,” Jenkins told the outlet, noting how his project prior to “The Chosen” was a major flop. “… So many of us have embraced that we’re not worthy, and that we’re surrendered and humbled — and may that never change.”

This lightness has led Roumie and the rest of the cast and crew to feel blessed to “do something that nobody’s ever done before — which is tell the story of Jesus of Nazareth in long-form format, for television, over the course of several years.” (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Credits God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

“The more time you spend with Jesus and His words, and His ministry, and the people that were impacted by His ministry, the more unavoidably shaken your soul is by His words, by His life, by His example,” Roumie stated. “For me, I’ve just gone much deeper into my prayer life, I’ve gone deeper into my own faith.”

Where To Watch “The Chosen”

All three seasons of “The Chosen” are available via Angel Studio’s website, as well as Netflix, Roku, Tubi, Peacock, and more. (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Reveals Hidden Secrets Within The Show)

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