Fentanyl Sales Unchanged Despite Biden

Jun 21, 2024

A report published in June detailed how nothing had changed in the flow of fentanyl to the U.S. from Chinese suppliers, despite President Joe Biden and Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping pledging to crackdown on the trade.

The report from the Washington Post cited three unnamed sources, all of whom said that none of the now-traditional routes for trafficking small, potent packages of the deadly narcotic into the U.S. have not changed — just a few small adjustments made to avoid additional scrutiny. “Possibly in the future there is some impact, but it’s not a problem right now,” one Hubei-based salesperson of a fentanyl-precursor chemical manufacturer told the outlet. “Like water flowing around rocks … if there is a demand there is a way.” (LEARN MORE: China’s Stealth Invasion Of America Is Happening Now, Experts Warn)

Adapting To US Law Enforcement

“As often seen with transnational criminal organizations, their business model adapts to law enforcement efforts and they will seek out new routes to circumvent law enforcement scrutiny,” an unnamed Biden administration senior official also anonymously told the Washington Post.

Though some seizures of some fentanyl-related products dropped at the end of 2023, the frequency of seizures is still at a record high. (LEARN MORE: Experts Warn Of China ‘Smokescreen’)

China’s Invasion Of US

Our current leadership may not understand the importance of holding China accountable for its repeated attacks on the U.S., but that just means you need to choose new lawmakers and politicians who will. (LEARN MORE: China’s Stealth Invasion Of America Is Happening Now, Experts Warn)

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