Gov. Wants To Defund Prisons, Police, Public Safety. Why?

Jun 6, 2024

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed cutting funding to public safety throughout the state due to “crippling deficit” crises.

Despite California’s economy being larger than many countries, Newsom’s proposed budget noted that “difficult decisions” are necessary to address his $27.6 billion deficit, according to Fox News. Newsom wants these cuts to come from trial court operations ($97 million), the Department of Justice’s Division of Law Enforcement ($10 million), and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ($80 million).

“The budget proposes numerous ways to make government more efficient and reduce costs for taxpayers, including cuts on inmate spending. Since Governor Newsom took office in 2019, the state has made record investments in law enforcement, including $1.1 billion to tackle crime, support police, and hold criminals accountable,” a spokesperson for Newsom told the outlet. (LEARN MORE: Death Camp Survivor May Die In Prison For Prayer)

Major Public Safety Cuts

“What’s happening in California is just the greatest disrespect of taxpayer’s resources in the history of America,” Florida’s chief financial officer Jimmy T. Patronis,” told Fox. “They’re in a panic. They’re in a free fall. They’re looking for money to make up this enormous budget deficit they’ve got right now.”

Mismanagement of California’s lawmaking seems to be to blame for the deficit crisis. Patronis noted that the mass exodus of residents from California hit the state hard. Green energy policies pushed by Newsom and other Democrats are also hurting blue-collar businesses, forcing many to stagnate and decline. Home prices and overall cost of living issues, combined with massive quality of life declines, are further hurting California in more ways than just financially. (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

“Ultimately, this vicious cycle where you’ve got a weaker prison system” will lead to “weaker incarceration, which has been kind of the narrative that’s been coming out of California now,” Patronis continued. “San Francisco has been kind of like the poster child for businesses fleeing a once-prosperous city.”

California’s Environment

“The one that you have to hold responsible is Gavin Newsom,” Patronis stated. “When you create a safe environment, people want to relocate their businesses.”

“You created an environment [in California] where … you are defunding the police and defunding law enforcement. So look, in the state of Florida, we’ve taken advantage of their poor governance,” he added. “We have offered incentive bonuses. We’ve actually recruited law enforcement officers for the state of Florida with a $5,000 recruitment bonus. And we have gotten law enforcement officers from all 50 states.” (LEARN MORE: City Voters Tell Biden They’re ‘Fed Up’ With Democrats)

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