Immigration Hits Top Of RNC Platform

Jul 10, 2024

Presidential nominee for the Republican party former President Donald Trump named our open borders and commencing mass deportations as his top platform priorities should he win reelection in November.

Data from the National Immigration Center for Enforcement estimates that roughly 17 million illegal immigrants current reside in the U.S., two-thirds of whom entered under President Joe Biden’s administration. Most of these individuals are either trafficked into the U.S. by cartels, or helped into the country by similar organized crime syndicates.

“Just last week, 12 ‘criminal illegal immigrants’ from Texas’s list of ‘most-wanted fugitives’ were arrested. Some of the crimes committed by these felons include ‘human smuggling, commercial sex trafficking, evading arrests, indecency with a child, driving while intoxicated, sexual assault, assault causing bodily injury, deadly conduct by discharging a firearm at a person, indecency with a child by sexual contact, burglary of a residence, and aggravated sexual assault of a child,'” Sarah Holliday of the Washington Stand said of the crisis. “Good luck getting through that list in one breath. And sadly, these crimes were related to only a handful of illegal immigrants who were recently arrested in Texas — it hardly accounts for the total damage occurring throughout the rest of the country.” (LEARN MORE: Feds Reportedly Release Terrorist ‘Accidentally’)

What Are Our Leader Doing?

In a surprise executive order announced in June, Biden suddenly decided to say he’s going to start managing the border crisis that has plagued the U.S. since his first week in the Oval Office. In a statement shared by the White House, officials attempted to argue that Biden has tried to secure our southern border since his first day in office.

“President Biden believes we must secure our border. That is why today, he announced executive actions to bar migrants who cross our Southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum. These actions will be in effect when high levels of encounters at the Southern Border exceed our ability to deliver timely consequences, as is the case today. They will make it easier for immigration officers to remove those without a lawful basis to remain and reduce the burden on our Border Patrol agents,” the order states. (LEARN MORE: Terrorist Planning NYC Attack Stopped At Border)

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