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Americans with great moral beliefs are frustrated, on the sidelines, uninformed, and feel unable to make the impact necessary to change policy on their own. Million Voices A-Team help you use your voice strategically and provides you with actionable information on where candidates stand, how best to talk to policymakers, and how best to encourage your friends and people like you to use their voice.

  • Be a part of the MVP A-Team and get full access pass to to Million Voices communications, educational support and digital products.
  • “We contact your rep for you” – We send regular letters on your behalf to your state representatives and statewide and/or federal elected officials. 
  • Voter Guides – Your monthly donation supports 350 people to get the non-partisan voter guides.
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  • Unlimited Access to ALL video support and updates.

This is a monthly subscription. The MVP A-team membership, provides access to all of MV resources. We will contact your representative on your behalf on a regular basis. You are considered a member when you join the MVP A Team.

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