More Than 70,000 Gather For The Gospel In Major City

Jun 17, 2024

More than 70,000 people gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square in May to celebrate the gospel and word of Christ.

Evangelist Daniel Chand, pastor of Pragma Church and founder of Walking Like Jesus Ministries (WLJM), celebrated emphatically following the incredible May 4th event, according to CBN News. “We witnessed not only history but prophecy being (fulfilled),” Chand wrote on his ministry’s website. “Thousands in Trafalgar Square heard the Gospel. Seventy years after Billy Graham stood in the same spot, I, along with other evangelists and pastors, shared testimonies, prayed for the sick, and, of course, declared the greatest love story – The Gospel.” (LEARN MORE: Russell Brand Baptized In River Thames)

Stories of Healings

Many stories were shared from the event, including those healings. People were healed from back pain, nerve pain, arthritis, and degenerative diseases. One video shared online apparently showed a woman saying that a lump disappeared from her back entirely. (LEARN MORE: Countless Students Turn To Christ At US Colleges)

“God’s not finished with the United Kingdom,” the ministry noted on social media. “We saw the Lord move powerful(ly) in our nation’s capital! God is hearing from heaven and healing our land. He’s shaking everything that needs to be shaken and pouring out his Spirit!”

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