People made in the image of God are in crisis. Your elected officials are not acting. The power to change things is in your hands.


The Prophet Isaiah reminds us to let our light arise and shine amid the darkness. We are asking for you to get engaged and help solve a rapidly developing humanitarian crisis.

Every day, thousands of people are flooding across the U.S. southern border. Up to 68% of migrant women and children are sexually assaulted during their harrowing journey to the U.S. border. Criminal forces recruit those seeking refuge into the dark underworld of cartels and gangs. Regardless of status in their home nation, upon arrival at the border, migrants either sleep in bags under bridges, in cages at holding facilities, or are bussed off to high-dollar hotels at taxpayers’ expense.

The scope of this tragedy is intensified by an underprepared and overwhelmed immigration system. The federal system has failed us. Those responsible have refused to protect the vulnerable or address security risks.

As believers, we know this darkness must not continue!

The power to change things is in your hands.

Statistics prove personal contact is exceptionally influential with state legislators. And it is our state-level officials who can do the most to stop this darkness. You must urge them to take meaningful action now! As a voter in their district, your voice matters most.

Million Voices has built a custom tool to amplify your voice. You can send a personalized postcard with your signature to both your upper and lower house state legislators in under three minutes.

But more than just contacting a legislator, we want to empower you to influence America for the better. We are asking you to pray and give to mobilize other people to get involved. You can be the change agent that makes a real impact by helping educate and motivate other believers. Political discipleship and cultural apologetics are the heart of our education, and you can partner with us to find many others like you.


Your $20 tax-deductible contribution to Million Voices allows us to print and mail two postcards to your legislators with your name and address, and provides the funds necessary to share this message with many others, too! Our logo or ministry name is nowhere on this postcard. It’s about your voice, not ours.

Together we can rise up and speak out to end this humanitarian crisis!

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