Global missionary,  President & Co-Founder of At The Well Ministries, Bevelyn Beatty is dedicated to sharing Jesus one city at a time. Going into the inner cities with the Gospel’s bold message, Bevelyn endeavors to empower people, create disciples, and make Jesus known. In this episode, she shares stories of cultural encounters which have strengthened and solidified her faith. Known by many as the woman who poured black paint on a BLM mural in New York City, Bevelyn gives context to what preceded that act and how it has now compelled her to stand up for persecuted Christian business owners in cities across the nation.

On the topic of awakening, Bevelyn believes there is a portion of the Church now waking up, stepping up, and speaking up. Now is not the time for lukewarm complacency, she says. “The choice has never been clearer. Choose the Lord or choose the world…no more playing church. Either it’s Christ and Christ alone or nothing.”

Bevelyn’s challenge to non-voting Christians is as bold and direct as the rest of her message: this is not about politics; it’s about the preservation of our country.  Look at the Word of God for what it is; alive and true.  We need oil for our lamps and the Word is our source. Build your house on the Word. The Word is ready to be the platform you need to stand on to engage the culture. Be obedient to God and be the Christian He called you to be. Your voice matters!


Million Voices is a movement that gives voters and potential voters the foundation they need to confidently act from a biblical worldview.