From high school dropout and teenage mother to highly-accomplished university professor and author, Dr. Carol Swain says it is critical to vote in the November elections to secure this country’s freedoms and Judeo-Christian values. In today’s podcast, she explains the ideology behind Critical Race Theory and how it is antithetical to biblical values and our identity in Christ. Our votes and our voices are critical in this hour because the future of America is at stake.  Our country is founded on the principle of “We the people,” and so we need to “be the people,” says Swain. “Vote like your life depends on it; like your children’s lives depend on it, and don’t make excuses.”

Swain shares her story as a testimony of the American experience of great achievement despite growing up in poverty in the rural South.  She credits hard work,  role models, and teachers “who didn’t look like me” to her success. 

Her passion is to empower others to confidently raise their voices in the public square and be counted.  There could not be a starker difference between the two major parties and their platforms this year. Swain urges Christians to prayerfully consider and choose the platform and candidates who align with Judeo-Christian worldview.  If we don’t like the status quo and choose not to vote, we only blame ourselves.  Vote your values because your voice matters!


Million Voices is a movement that gives voters and potential voters the foundation they need to confidently act from a biblical worldview.