Kelly Shackelford, President, and CEO of First Liberty Institute, the largest legal firm dedicated exclusively to protecting religious freedom, discusses several recent landmark decisions. “There’s been a sea change” away from hostility toward the restoration of religious freedom for all. Shackelford also examines the upcoming SCOTUS nomination, false narratives, and constitutional facts about election-year nominations. 

“Everything has changed but most people don’t know it…we’re just at the beginning of some incredible strides in religious liberty and we need to build on that.” It all begins with the court appointment of judges at every level, Shackelford says. Many believers do not vote because they see a presidential election as just the next four years. People of faith need to remember that the average tenure of a U.S. Supreme Court justice is 24 years. Therefore it matters greatly who becomes President and holds the power to appoint justices. The stakes are high from a policy and principle standpoint.   

People of faith have to be willing to vote, engage politically, and stand for the freedoms put in place by the Constitution or those freedoms will be gone, Shackelford warns.  We have to be faithful stewards of what God has given us as Americans, and that includes the election process. We must take the long view, considering the stewardship legacy we wish to leave for our children and grandchildren.  Pray and ask God who you should vote for. Actions matter. Policy matters. Character matters. And your voice matters!


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