“God is pursuing our generation with hope and mercy amidst pop-culture’s confusing messages on sexual identity,” says Ken Williams, co-founder of Equipped to Love and Changed Movement. In today’s podcast, Ken & his wife Tiffany talk about their ministry, which equips and mobilizes the Church to engage the cultural conversations with love and spiritual impact. They also share the importance of Christian engagement in the political and governmental arenas and voting in the 2020 elections. 

Ken shares his personal story of how he became involved in state politics in 2018 when he was moved to speak out concerning a proposed piece of legislation that would hinder Christian counseling. It was during that time they saw the power of testimony to influence lawmakers, the public, and the Church. The message they carry is one of biblical hope and the transformative power of the Father’s love.

Asked why it is so important for Christians to vote and get involved in selecting their local and state representatives, Ken says, “If you want freedom, this election is extra important. The freedoms we enjoy now could go away in the next four years.” But beyond that, voting in godly representatives with a biblical worldview impacts the generations to come. It affects your life directly. It affects your children’s lives, their education, and their opportunities for years to come. Tiffany adds, “your vote is your voice.”  And your voice matters!


Million Voices is a movement that gives voters and potential voters the foundation they need to confidently act from a biblical worldview.