Former U.S. Solicitor General Ken Starr says religious freedom “has animated most of my professional career”.  In today’s podcast, Judge Starr discusses Supreme Court nominations and their impact during a presidential election. He shares insight for the latest Supreme Court nominee in this current political climate, and how these appointments have impacted our nation from both a historical and spiritual perspective. If we are to be a nation that stands for constitutional freedom over tyranny, religious freedom must be preserved as “the first freedom”, Starr says.  

Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. This year we are presented with a clear choice. Will we choose a culture of liberty and respect for our institutions, or will we choose the attitude that says, tear it all down? When past presidential elections were decided by razor-thin margins, it was incumbent upon Christians, “freedom lovers”, to let their voice be heard. We have a duty to God and to our nation – “because there are those who we will be electing who will be hostile to religious freedom, who will be hostile to traditional institutions, or we will be electing individuals to offices, including the presidency, who are supportive of our institutions.” In this “conflict of visions” your vote and your voice matter.


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