Forty-three years ago Melissa Ohden was born following a failed saline abortion. In today’s podcast Melissa shares how the power of forgiveness and Christ-like love has shaped the trajectory of her life, bringing healing, family restoration, and her life’s work as Founder of the Abortion Survivors Network (ASN). Today she is a powerful voice for life, a sought-after speaker, and expert witness in governmental hearings on abortion worldwide.

Melissa’s “inconvenient story” dispels the lie that abortion is a choice or a right. Abortion survivors humanize the unborn. Survivors have a name, a face, and are finding their voices to be a voice for life.  The mission of ASN is to provide help, hope, and a voice to abortion survivors and all who are silenced and impacted by abortion, building a culture where every human life has dignity and value.

Melissa’s encouragement to Christians: we are all ordinary people called by God to do extraordinary things. His grace empowers us to be able to do whatever He has called and gifted us to do. This extends to our duty to engage in the political realm. We cannot leave this in anybody else’s hands because the truth is without the right to life there is no other right. As Christians, we are to be bold and unafraid to speak and reflect the heart of God. Every human life has dignity and value and we are to fulfill our calling to bring that to pass. Every life matters. Every vote matters. Your voice matters! 


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