“Freedom is our family business,” says Patriot Academy founder and WallBuilders Live radio host Rick Green. In today’s podcast, Rick describes how his love for history and family, along with his experience in the Texas Legislature, became the inspiration for Patriot Academy.  Patriot Academy is dedicated to raising up the next generation of Americans who know not just history but their civic responsibility as good citizens.  

Rick travels nationwide, educating Americans about the secrets of our national success and the need to teach the principles of freedom to our children. He has influenced thousands of young people to lead real change in their own lives, communities, states, and nation. This next generation is the most pro-life in history, and Rick believes they will be the ones to see abortion become not just illegal but unthinkable in their lifetime.

COVID-19 restrictions placed upon Americans, while onerous, have served as a wake-up call to the Church. Multitudes of Christians are suddenly asking, what ARE my rights? What does the Constitution say about the right of churches to assemble? Rick’s answer is clear: It is not enough to know your rights. You must also accept the responsibility that comes with those rights.  Let your voice be heard. Let your values be counted. Your voice matters! 


Million Voices is a movement that gives voters and potential voters the foundation they need to confidently act from a biblical worldview.