President Describes Victory Against Satanic Gang

Jun 12, 2024

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele told Tucker Carlson about how he’s helping rid his country of the satanic practices of the MS-13 gang.

“They didn’t start as a satanic organization,” Bukele said of the gang, which is also known as the Mara Salvatrucha international gang. “At the beginning, it was some youth causing harm, assaulting, trying to control their territory, selling drugs, things that are bad but probably not criminal.”

“As the organization grew, they became satanic. They started doing satanic rituals,” he continued. “I don’t know exactly when that started, but it was well documented. And we now arrested — we’ve even found altars and things like that … they became a satanic organization.” (LEARN MORE: Gov. Wants To Defund Prisons, Police, Public Safety. Why?)

What Did Bukele Do?

After winning his election, Bukele implemented his “Territorial Control Plan” to reduce homicide and other crime. The MS-13 gang was one of Bukele’s core targets. In reaction to Bukele’s law enforcement, gang members murdered 90 people in one weekend.

“When the gangs started attacking us back, basically, they killed 87 people in three days, which for a country of six million people, it’s crazy,” Bukele told Carlson. “It would be the equivalent of having 5,000 murders in the United States in three days. If the state goes after them, the state has no intention of killing or harming anybody but the gang members — so you have 70,000 objectives, which were the 70,000 gang members, but they have six million possible targets.” (LEARN MORE: Death Camp Survivor May Die In Prison For Prayer)

Bukele then signed a declaration called the “state of exception.” This move “suspended the rights of association and legal counsel and extended the time suspects could be detained without charges.” Homicides in El Salvador dropped 60% by the end of the year. Some 80,000 suspected gang members have been arrested throughout the process.

“There’s a spiritual war and there’s a physical war,” Bukele stated. ““Our impressive victory was because we won the spiritual war.” (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

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