‘Record-Breaking Number of Baptisms’ Reported Across The US

Oct 13, 2023

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Champion Forest church in Houston, Texas, is reporting a “record-breaking number of baptisms” for the third year in a row, according to CBN.

“These aren’t just numbers,” the church wrote in a social media post. “They are lives forever changed, families transformed, and testimonies of God’s relentless grace.” The post also contained a video showing some of the incredible baptisms that have taken place throughout 2023 thus far. (LEARN MORE: Asbury Revival Continues To Go Viral, Beating Mainstream Ratings For Demonic Performances)

And Champion Forest is not alone. Former “Good Morning America” anchor Adrienne Bankert told CBN: “To me, there’s a resurgence of faith at this time,” commenting on the rise of economic chaos, immigration stressors being “unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our country’s history.”

Revivals And Mass Baptism Events

Thousands of people from across the U.S. have taken part in revivals and mass baptism events throughout 2023. And these events are showing no signs of slowing down. (LEARN MORE: 3rd Great Awakening: 100s Baptized As Revivals Erupt Across America)

“In the spring of 22, we started to see people preaching in their small groups – people invite their friends who don’t know the Lord to their small groups. And instead of the small group being a Bible study, they would have someone get up and preach and every time it would happen one or two kids would give their lives to the Lord,” Texan youth pastor Tarik Whitmore said earlier in the year. “I didn’t do anything or minister in any way. I’m just the guy with the keys at that point.”

What is the 3rd Great Awakening

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