State Democrats Remove Safeguards Against Voter Fraud

Jun 27, 2024

Democrats in Michigan pushed through two pieces of legislation in June that strip the power of local election officials to investigate claims of fraud, double the fees of candidates who request ballot recounts, and more.

“Today, Democrats overturned 70 years of election law in order to commit a disgusting gutting of our election recount protections,” Michigan Republican state Sen. Jim Runestad said following the move by Democrats, according to the Washington Stand. “The passage of this bill is a complete disgrace!” (LEARN MORE: State Finds County Violated Election Law In 2022)

What Does the Bill Do?

Senate Bill 603 “removes the authority of state boards of canvassers to investigate allegations of voter fraud or ballot tampering. Under current Michigan state law, state boards of canvassers are made up of two Republican and two Democratic local election officials,” the Washington Stand wrote of the law.

“These are time-honored checks and balances that exist in our system,” Republican state Sen. Ruth Johnson said of the situation. “If we want people to have faith in the electoral process, we should not be taking away people’s rights to have allegations of election fraud investigated during a recount. There is a process in place now that empowers bipartisan boards of canvassers to play this role, and it simply should not be removed from the law.” (LEARN MORE: Interview Suggests New Evidence On Voter Machine Issues In 2020)

“Under current law, vote recounts may be done based on allegations of fraud or mistake, but the legislation voted on today not only removes fraud as a reason for a recount but also states that recount petitions may only allege an error and requires petitions to be based on the notion that the election results would have been different without that error,” Republican state Rep. Rachelle Smit explained of another new bill. (LEARN MORE: How To Protect Your Local Elections Today)

Contact Your Elected Officials About Election Integrity

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