State Now Requires Ten Commandments In Public Schools

Jun 20, 2024

Louisiana became the first state in the nation, Wednesday, to require all public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments.

House Bill 71 was introduced by Louisiana Republican Rep. Dodie Horton, and signed into the state legislature by Republican Gov. Jeff Landry, according to the Christian Post. Each classroom in Louisiana’s public school system will now have to display a poster-sized copy of the Ten Commandments by January 2024.

“If you want to respect the rule of law you’ve got to start from the original law given, which was Moses,” Landry said after signing the bill. (LEARN MORE: State Largely Bans LGBTQ Flags In Public School Classrooms)

What Does The Poster Entail?

The Ten Commandments must be a “poster or framed document that is at least eleven inches by fourteen inches,” where the Commandments are the “central focus.” There must also be a “context statement” telling all who see the posters about how “The Ten Commandments were a prominent part of American public education for almost three centuries.”

“Around the year 1688, The New England Primer became the first published American textbook and was the equivalent of a first-grade reader. The New England Primer was used in public schools throughout the United States for more than one hundred fifty years to teach Americans to read and contained more than forty questions about the Ten Commandments,” the context statement continues. “The Ten Commandments were also included in public school textbooks published by educator William McGuffey, a noted university president and professor. A version of his famous McGuffey Readers was written in the early 1800s and became one of the most popular textbooks in the history of American education, selling more than one hundred million copies. Copies of the McGuffey Readers are still available today.” (LEARN MORE: Maryland District Removes Parental Education Rights)

How Do You Feel?

It is your right to tell your local, state, and federally elected officials exactly what you want from their time in office. If you want qualified chaplains to be able to volunteer in your school district, tell your lawmakers today.

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