‘The Chosen’ Hits New Streaming Service

May 12, 2024

“The Chosen” officially started streaming on Disney+ in May alongside mainstream classics like the Marvel Universe and Mickey Mouse.

“Seasons 1-3 are getting to another new audience,” director-creator Dallas Jenkins told followers on social media. He said the deal wasn’t exactly a “partnership” but with more than 112 million subscribers, “The Chosen” will definitely be expanding its audience.

Unlike on Netflix, where only season one is available, Disney+ will boast the first three seasons. “Part of the goal at The Chosen is to get the show in front of as many people as possible,” Kyle Young, the executive vice president of distribution and marketing for “The Chosen,” told Variety in March. “It took the first four years of the series to reach 100 million people. And then, in the last 15 months, we’ve reached another 100 million people.” (LEARN MORE: Russell Brand Baptized In River Thames)

What About Season Four?

“The response to Season 4 has been overwhelming so far, which provides a nice lift for us as we head into filming,” Jenkins told Variety. “Of course, we’re about to try to portray the most famous week in the history of humans, so the euphoria from the previous season never lasts long. The entire Season 6 will cover one day, so covering one week in Season 5 feels luxurious.”

But there’s still no news on when season four will be available on streaming platforms. The entire season was shared in theaters earlier in 2024. Suspected legal issues are apparently holding up the full release. We just pray it won’t be too much longer! (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Credits God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

Reaching All

More than 50% of “The Chosen” viewers are not Christian, according to a report published in early March. Writer-creator-director Dallas Jenkins and his writing team have apparently set a goal for “The Chosen” to reach every demographic of humans. “When Dallas and the writers say, ‘Hey, we want the world to be introduced to the authentic Jesus’ — they mean it,” VP of original content with “The Chosen,” Katherine Warnock said at the time.

Where To Watch “The Chosen”

All three seasons of “The Chosen” are available via Angel Studio’s website, as well as Netflix, Roku, Tubi, Peacock, and more. (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Reveals Hidden Secrets Within The Show)

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