Why An Abortion Is The Worst Decisions You Can Make

Published: May 10, 2022
The topic of abortion is a very sensitive, and it stirs up strong emotions from both sides. Many people believe that women should have the right to choose whether or not they get pregnant; however, there are consequences for doing so- especially if you're putting your own life at risk by having an unwanted pregnancy. It's also worth noting how supporters try to justify this act with the excuse "it'll be safer than childbirth," but those claims don't always hold water when we take into account all possible complications during delivery that can arise even without engaging in any medical procedures associated.

What is abortion, and why is it controversial?

The consequences of an abortion can be both physically and emotionally traumatic. It's not just about the woman who has chosen to get rid of her pregnancy but also what lies in store for those close to her, such as mothers or sisters left parentless due to their loss by way of contraception failure. The life cycle is interrupted at this stage which may result in psychological problems later on down tine line.

Is abortion right or wrong morally speaking?

Abortion is not a decision to be taken lightly. The potential consequences of an abortion can have both physical and emotional effects on women, leading them in different directions depending upon their personalities or coping skills they developed prior to having children (or not). It's important you consider all these risks before making this choice so that we may better understand why some people choose termination while others do not.

What are the alternatives to abortion?

There's always the option of adopting a child. If you're pregnant and don't want an abortion, adoption is one way to provide your future baby with love from two homes in place! For couples who can't have kids together (or anyone that wants their own family), this may be just what they need - someone caring enough about them both so no single parent will suffice anymore. Parenting is a challenging task, but it's also very rewarding. The process of raising children and providing them with everything they need to grow up can be hard work; however, giving your kids an opportunity for success makes all those hours worthwhile!

How can we help pregnant women make the best decision?

The decision to have an abortion is not one that should be taken lightly. There are many risks and consequences associated with it, both physically (in the case of medical procedures) or emotionally, if you decide against having your baby in diapers forever like some people do who can't handle them when they're small! So before making such a huge choice, consider all potential outcomes-adoption vs. parenting--even though these options might seem pretty similar at first glance because we know how much love goes into every single application. But let me tell ya from personal experience: Being pregnant isn't exactly fun no matter what option YOU choose. There are 30 million Christians in the United States who don't use their voice to change policy. But your voice does matter. Especially when a million of us speak at once to those that have the power to change things — the policymakers in this country. And the policymakers have told us the number one thing that changes their position regarding issues is when a constituent from their district mails them a signed note. So sign for Million Voices and use your voice today.