Use Your Voice To Change Policy And Your World

We help you speak directly to your policymakers and let your voice be heard.

There is too much at stake

Americans with great moral beliefs are frustrated, on the sidelines, uninformed, and feel unable to make the impact necessary to change policy on their own.

Without an explicit action or next step, many great people opt to do the wrong thing or nothing.

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Social media
does not work

Too often, the issues many people care about most are being censored or banned on social media. How can we talk about what matters to us if our messages are blocked?


Media and news outlets are presenting views that align with their personal politics and opinions of the network, not the views of the people.


Policymakers have told us that party lines, polls, and lobbyists are the three loudest voices in their world.

So what does work?

Elected representatives have told us the impact of a mailed note from a single constituent in their district is equivalent to representing hundreds of voters back home.

We have an answer

Research has proven

The most effective way to change a policymaker’s opinion is a written and signed note from a constituent from their district.

So we made it simple for you to do just that…

Here's how it works

Remember, elected representatives have told us the impact of a mailed note from a single constituent in their district is equivalent to representing hundreds of voters back home.

You and your friends can influence these policymakers and change your world by sending a mailed note to your elected officials.

We help you to identify your representatives and communicate your own personal policy preferences to those that have the ability to enact change.

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There are two ways we can help you accomplish this:

You Do It

Each month we will provide you with information on current developments for the issues you’ve indicated are important to you, as well as contact information for your local elected officials, equipping you to communicate your own views to your representatives.

Use this information to create your own mailed post on a regular basis. You can do it!

We Do It

The best way to ensure a consistent impact on your elected representatives is to automate the process.

We will handle the entire process of mailing your specific local elected officials on your behalf regularly, including your personalized signature!

The Issues

We have been changing policy for 30 years


We are led by John Graves, a lawyer, an influencer in politics, a business entrepreneur, and a Christian voice in the confusing world of politics.

We got into politics because we were sick and tired of our voice not being listened to in all areas of policy making: local, state, and national. And unlike most other groups, we are mobilizing your voice, not with our message, but yours. We help you use your voice for the change you care about most.

Use your voice today Use your voice Today

More about million voices

Learn more about Million Voices and how, together our voices will make a difference.

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Newsmax interview

Newsmax interviews John Graves on the impact of using your voice via messages directly to your representatives.

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Our roots are in helping people of faith to vote

Million Voices mobilizes pastors and people of faith and freedom. We are an Association of Churches focused on communicating guiding truths through cultural apologetics and political discipleship.

We have served and mobilized thousands of traditional brick-and-mortar churches across the nation and non-traditional churches.

Today, we focus on three things:

  1. To empower people to use their voice to influence policy.
  2. To distribute millions of shareable voter guides each election cycle (learn more here).
  3. To mobilize congregations of churches to vote.
  4. You can help us in our mission by signing up to influence your policymakers or through a simple tax-deductible DONATION to Million Voices.