8,000+ Youths Found Christ in 2023

Jan 8, 2024

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Almost 8,000 young Americans were brought to salvation in 2023 by the Youth for Christ (YFC) organization, revealing a 20% average increase across all ministry sites.

“The 20% increase is across all our ministry metrics when averaged. This means that, across our 1,200 ministry sites in the USA, more kids are sharing their name with a YFC leader, engaging in Christ-centered relationships, making a decision to follow Christ, and plugging into discipleship,” YFC President Jacob Bland said in a statement shared by CBN.

The YFC program has been in place for almost 80 years, with more than 130 chapters across the country. The mission of the organization is to serve 11 to 19-year-olds in uncovering God’s story. The work entails developing a deeper connection to Christ through shared experience. (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Lives In Me’: Daddy Yankee Shares His Journey To Christianity)

Helping Young Americans Find Purpose

Young people do their best when they’re shepherded into adulthood with a sense of purpose and a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Through mentoring, small group activities, and more, young people can develop the tools they need to serve Christ through every avenue of their lives. (LEARN MORE: Watch And Be Inspired By Asbury Revival’s Inter-Denominational Phenomenon)

There’s also an outdoor adventure element! “From holding rallies with Billy Graham in the ’40s to entering campuses to reach students in the ’60s to now empowering community leaders to build meaningful relationships with young people everywhere—it’s our aim to walk with young people through their story, and to be the friend and mentor that we’ve longed for ourselves.” the group note on their website.

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