Abortion Raises Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Finds

May 15, 2024

A new study published in the International Journal of Cardiology: Cardiovascular Risk and Prevention found that women who experienced pregnancy loss, either through natural or unnatural means, have a significantly increased risk of heart disease later in life.

“I think this information has been buried for some time,” Dr. Chauncy Crandall told Newsmax of the groundbreaking study. While the study itself notes a plethora of previous articles linking abortions and natural pregnancy loss to increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), this information is seemingly ignored when it comes to the pro-abortion movement. But it is likely that those who push to kill children in their mother’s wombs have no idea they’re increasing the risk of early death for the mother, too.

“We know that early termination has consequences. Psychological consequences for sure. But when a baby is extracted from the womb of the mother, there are physiological changes that go on that have not been well described,” Crandall continued in his analysis to Newsmax. (LEARN MORE: Family Breakdown Connected To Collapse Of Christianity, Experts Say)

What Happens When A Baby Is Killed During Abortions?

When an abortion occurs and a baby is forcibly removed from its mother, an inflammatory reaction takes place that impacts every other organ in the body. “And there are consequences down the road that these women develop underlying heart disease, such as stroke, myocardial infarction, and congestive heart failure. I’m concerned about it,” Crandall added.

But it is never too late to educate women on the real risks of killing their unborn children. And there are options for women who are concerned about how prior pregnancy loss may still be influencing their health today. (LEARN MORE: Biden-Harris Campaign Spends $25 Million On Pro-Abortion Ads)

“If you develop a problem it can be reversed by dietary restraints, better lifestyle modification, and, of course, some medicines that are out there. We can be proactive. We can live a long life,” Crandall explained.

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