AG Rejects Constitutional Abortion Amendment Proposal

Jan 24, 2024

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Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen rejected a proposal ballot measure in January that would have enshrined the right to an abortion within the state constitution had it been allowed to pass, the Christian Post reported.

A memorandum was issued Tuesday to the Office of the Montana Secretary of State calling the proposal “legally insufficient,” and therefore could not appear on the state ballot. The AG noted the language in Proposal Ballot Measure No. 14 “creates an express right to abortion but denies voters the ability to express their views on the nuance of the right.” (LEARN MORE: Biden-Harris Campaign Spends $25 Million On Pro-Abortion Ads)

“Section 36(1) unmoors the right to an abortion from fetal viability. Second, Section 36(2)’s ‘in no circumstance’ clause prohibits any regulation of abortion care if the abortion provider deems the procedure medically necessary,” the memo continued.

Protecting Women

The proposed ballot measure would elevate abortions above any other so-called “medical procedure” within the state, and stop the state from intervening in cases of serious health and safety concerns. “The prohibition on enforcement exists even if the State passed a law that meets the requirements of Section 36(1)–(2). The choice to preclude the State from being able to enforce valid health and safety regulations is different than the choice to expand abortion rights,” the memo noted.

A similar bill was proposed in Arkansas in January, which was also rejected. Attorney General Tim Griffin noted how the language of the bill, as it appeared to mislead voters. (LEARN MORE: World Expert Says Transgenderism Is ‘Mental Disorder,’ Sex Changes Are ‘Biologically Impossible,’ And The Industry Will Collapse Like Eugenics Did)

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