AI Company Is On ‘Holy Mission’ To Combat Child Trafficking

Jan 18, 2024

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An artificial intelligence company is planning to donate profits from its product to finding, rescuing, and helping recover children who’ve been exploited through human trafficking, CBN reported Monday.

Cellebrite DI, Ltd is seeking to support law enforcement, nonprofits, and private firms in finding children victimized by human trafficking. The initiative is called “Operation Find Them All,” and will also help law enforcement’s digital needs in finding missing children. “I say to myself, ‘My God, the lawyer for this dirtbag predator is smarter and more sophisticated than the cops are’,” John Walsh, the co-founder of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, said of the situation. “They don’t really know the technology.”

“The pimps of the day, the gangs of today are way smarter than the sex trafficking gangs of the past,” he said. “They’re way more dangerous. They move faster. They have encrypted files. They’re smart. And law enforcement just can’t keep up with them.”

Texas Is Already Using The Tech

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, Texas, is already using Cellebrite tech to process and analyze data found on cell phones and other devices to source leads in cases. “The system really helps us with doing our jobs faster,” digital forensic investigator for the department, Kent Nielsen, said.

Since some smartphones can have upwards of 250,000 images to process, the tech allows this to happen far, far faster.

Help End The Abuse Of Children

“We are the biggest admirers of law enforcement,” Cellebrite’s Yossi Carmil said. “However, they are understaffed, under-equipped, and, at any point of time, regardless of how much the government will give them, they are under constraints. They always need to do more with less.”

“I’ve got kids. John (Walsh) has kids. We are also citizens and parents,” Carmil said. “This is a holy mission. It goes beyond the money.” (LEARN MORE: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Sound Of Freedom’)

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