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Anti-Semitic Protestors Try To Break Into White House, Cause Widespread Damage

by | Nov 8, 2023

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A huge group of anti-Semitic protestors chanted while they tried to break into the White House on Saturday, calling for the destruction of Israel.

“It is right to rebel! Israel can go to hell!” one protestor screamed, according to the Washington Stand. The same protestor insisted the Palestinian people have a right to fight “by any means necessary … and I do mean any means necessary!” Another protestor yelled, “Israel does not have the right to exist as a racist state.” Both individuals are members of organizations known for their hatred of Israel. (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

“I’ve heard a lot of people in the states criticizing the way that Israel is going about this, but I haven’t heard those same people give any actual suggestions of what Israel should do,” war correspondent Chuck Holton told Washington Watch. “And it makes one think that they just believe Israel ought to just lay down and die.”

Public Damage

Protestors then took to Lafayette Park, where they placed Palestinian flags on statues, as well as posters and graffiti, the outlet continued. The graffiti included such statements as “Death to USA,” “Destroy Empires,” and a slew of cuss words and more.

“For generations on our elite college campuses … we’ve been teaching young people to look at the world through the worldview of critical theory … that fundamentally sees the world through the lens of ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed,'” Family Research Council’s David Closson noted. “Part of that also is this ideology of settler colonialism … this idea that the Jews, the Israelis, somehow don’t actually have a moral claim to their land, and because of that their enemies … can use any means whatsoever to evict them from the land.”

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