‘Bidenomics’ Is Hurting Voters Despite Attempts To Spin

Jan 3, 2024

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An analysis published by The Hill in December tried and failed to convince voters that President Joe Biden’s economy is a good thing for the country.

“Despite widespread fears at the beginning of the year that a recession was on the way, the U.S. economy is on track to finish 2023 with low unemployment, steady economic growth and significantly slower inflation,” The Hill’s analysis reads, which is not exactly true. At all.

The U.S. does not currently have “low unemployment.” We have a crisis where the average American has to take on three different jobs to make ends meet thanks to Biden’s soaring inflation crisis. The rates of inflation have hit a high that wages cannot keep up with. And although rates may have evened out (ie: are not rising so quickly), the cost of living is extremely high thanks to Biden’s ongoing economic policies.

Real Americans Won’t Be Swayed By Propaganda

The piece of positive propaganda from The Hill didn’t resonate with real Americans. We know how much harder life is under Bidenomics, and we won’t be manipulated into thinking things are better than they are.

“Biden’s approval rating has fallen to a record low of 34 percent, according to a Monmouth University poll released last week, with nearly 70 percent of respondents disapproving of his handling of inflation. More than half of respondents disapproved of Biden’s record on jobs, even as he presides over a historically strong labor market,” The Hill continued in their analysis.

Following this, the author continued to try and fight the knowledge held by Americans as to our current economic crisis. It’s a painful read, and will likely become the norm as government-manipulated press organizations are told to write nice things about our current esteemed leader.

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