Biden’s Economy Brings Misery To Men

Nov 30, 2023

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Multiple experts cited by the Washington Stand detailed how President Joe Biden’s economy is failing American men at a rate unseen in history.

“Amid ballooning homeownership costs, nagging inflation, swelling federal debt, soaring credit card debt and delinquency, and a decline in full-time jobs, young men, in particular, are struggling to find their footing,” the outlet wrote of our current economic crisis. All the while, the White House continues to claim things are on the right track.

And if we just look at the numbers provided by Biden’s Administration, then America looks good. It’s the numbers hidden (or ignored) by the White House that are most concerning. These include increased credit card debt and delinquencies, inflation, and the fact low unemployment is actually just people taking on more than one job to make ends meet.

Why Men Are Hurting

Full-time employment for men aged 25 to 35 has dropped significantly over the last twenty years, the outlet continued. Most of these jobs were lost under former President Bill Clinton’s trade deal with China. Millions of manufacturing jobs were sent to the communist state, and no one in the Democratic party thought it was important to provide Americans with new work as a replacement.

“Many of the nation’s biggest businesses — from Alphabet (YouTube) to TikTok to Microsoft (Xbox) to Philip Morris (vapes) — are selling products that serve teenage boys and young men one dopamine hit after another,” sociologist Brad Wilcox stated.

As screen time increases, purpose and work start to diminish. This is also likely why so many young men are reluctant to marry. Married men have significantly higher lifetime earnings than unmarried men, so we need to fix this crisis now.

What Are Your Local Politicians Doing To Stop This Crisis?

Happiness, contentment, peace, and love are all achievable. And we have the answers on how to spread this truth across the world. But the more we hide the facts and our voices are silenced, the more our society fails.

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