‘Big Brother’ Host Credits Her Success To Jesus

Oct 14, 2023

Everyone’s favorite “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves credits her successful television career to her relationship with Christ, according to CBN.

“When I finally found Jesus in 2018, I had never owned a Bible,” Moonves told the outlet. “And I was gifted one from a friend who was one of my favorite cameramen working in TV news.” Her cameraman later became a pastor, and helped Moonves on her path to faith.

“I found it very daunting and intimidating, and very big, and I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to listen to an audio version of the Bible,'” she continued. “And the only one I could find was a King James Version that sounded like I was … listening to Shakespeare.”

She Went 48 Years Without Faith

“I was so focused on this world, and I didn’t acknowledge that there was any other world beyond the world that we live in,” she said of her time before finding her faith. “I was very focused on my false idol then, which was work, my career, my job, and that’s who I was, and any blessing that came my way, I thought that it was something that I did to earn it and that I deserved it”

The pandemic was when she really had time to dig into the deeper meaning of our spirituality and faith with Christ. “One of the big things I learned is: if you do not declare publicly … who He is to you or what He has done for you, why should He go before God the Father when … my time is up here on Earth?” she said. “So, I have to stand firm, and say it loud, and say it proud, what He has done for me and who He is.”

Faith Saves, And So Can You

Most of the problems facing America today come from a fallen relationship with faith. Christian programs and rehabilitation services work, but only if your government officials allow them to.

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