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Border Security

You selected Border Security as an issue you care about. That’s great! Use this guide to write to your state representatives today:

Step 1: Use the email we sent you to get your state representative’s names and addresses. If you have forgotten you can go to and click the Use Your Voice Today button and find out who your state reps are once again.

Step 2: You can either copy the text below to your computer, type in the representatives names, your information, sign it, and print it.

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You can handwrite the text below on a postcard.

Step 3: Address a completed postcard to each of your state representatives and mail.

If it helps you, you can go to and for a suggested donation we will print and mail these to each of your state representatives for you. The mailing will be from you and from your home address and will conclude your personalized signature. We will also mail the same to your home so you can see what was sent on your behalf.

Thank you for Using Your Voice to Change Policy.
Here is the text example of what you can write to each of your state representatives about the issue of Abortion:


Every day, thousands of people are flooding across the southern border. Drugs are pouring in, and crime is surging in our country. In addition, up to 68% of migrant women and children are sexually assaulted on the journey. Upon arrival, many must sleep under bridges or in overcrowded holding facilities. Others are transported to hotels at taxpayers’ expense. This administration’s policies are hurting Americans and migrants alike.

As a voter in your district, I urge you to address this humanitarian crisis by supporting efforts to secure the border and defend against uncontrolled migration. As my [ENTER YOUR STATE HERE] you can support policies that can make a difference. I am paying attention and holding local officials accountable. I look forward to hearing of your specific plans to address this crisis.

I look forward to hearing your specific plans to address this issue.



Your voice matters and with consistency, it can change policy. Please consider sharing this mission with your friends and family and consider a donation to help more people Use Their Voice.