CDC Issues Alert Over Sub-Type Of Monkeypox

Dec 12, 2023

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert Thursday about a fast-spreading type of Monkeypox.

The advisory notice to clinicians and other health officials and departments was focused on the transmission of the Clade I monkeypox virus (MPVX), which is spreading like wildfire throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though cases have yet to be reported in the U.S. at this time, there is a concern the virus is one of many that have evolved over the last few decades into genetically distinct groups.

“MPXV has two distinct genetic clades (subtypes of MPXV), I and II, which are endemic to central and west Africa, respectively. Clade IIb MPXV has been associated with the 2022-23 global outbreak that has predominately affected gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM). Clade I MPXV is capable of human-to-human spread but has previously been associated with non-sexual routes of transmission, and Clade I has previously been observed to be more transmissible and to cause more severe infections than Clade II,” the CDC wrote.

Rapid Spread

“Since January 1, 2023, DRC has reported 12,569 suspected pox cases (i.e., clinically diagnosed but not laboratory-confirmed) and 581 deaths (5% of suspected pox cases). This is a substantial increase from the median of 3,767 suspected” cases from 2016-2021.

Many cases of monkeypox have occurred in urban settings, which was historically uncommon. “In two provinces, outbreaks of Clade I MPXV associated with sexual contact, including among MSM, have been reported for the first time in DRC. Mpox vaccination is not generally available in DRC.”

Concern For The US

“As part of surveillance for viral variants in the United States, CDC has tested a subset of positive MPXV or orthopoxvirus cases from commercial and state laboratories and performed clade-specific testing for 150 cases in 2023 (~12% of U.S. cases); no Clade I MPXV infections have been detected thus far. There are no direct commercial passenger flights from DRC to the United States, and the current threat for Clade I MPXV in travelers remains low,” the CDC noted.

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