Chaplains To Serve In Schools Following Historic Decision

Dec 16, 2023

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Two school districts in Tarrant County, near Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, approved a policy Monday to allow chaplains to service in schools.

Chaplains will now be able to serve alongside mental health counselors in schools across the two districts, a historic pro-faith decision aimed at supporting children during these times of need. “Why chaplains? Well, students are hurting. This should not shock anyone. … School counselors and chaplains do not compete with one another. Allowing volunteer chaplains is another touch point in providing crucial services to a student or a staff member in need,” trustee Sandi Walker said during the meeting, according to the Christian Post.

“If it is OK for a chaplain to go into a school after a tragedy occurred, it should be OK for that same chaplain to go into a school before an event happens.”

You Can Do The Same In Your District

School boards in Texas are required to vote before March 1, 2024, about whether to adopt similar policies allowing volunteer chaplains to work at schools across their districts. This was prompted by Senate Bill 763, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law in 2023.

More than 100 chaplains from multiple religions urged Texans not to adopt the policies as the language does not specify that the chaplain hired or volunteering with a school is ordained under their religion. “This is simply not enough. Professional chaplains have specific education and expertise to fulfill our role in helping others engage their own religious practices and traditions,” the group wrote in August.

What Do You Want In Your District?

It is your right to tell your local, state, and federally elected officials exactly what you want from their time in office. If you want qualified chaplains to be able to volunteer in your school district, tell your lawmakers today. Sign up for www.millionvoices.org today (text MV to 80550) and share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed. And start working today to make a better tomorrow for all of your American neighbors.

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