Chinese State-Owned Company Ordered To Give Up Land In One State

Oct 20, 2023

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Syngenta Seeds, a company owned by the Chinese Communist Party, has been ordered to give up its land in Arkansas.

A state law passed in Arkansas bans foreign parties from owning agricultural land, according to KARK. Attorney General Tim Griffin and Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the order during a press conference, Tuesday. The company is also being hit with a $280,000 fine after its leadership failed to meet a deadline to disclose its ownership.

Syngenta is owned by ChemChina. ChemChina is listed by the Department of Defense as a military company that poses significant threats to America’s national security.

Threats From China

Huckabee Sanders said foreign countries, particularly enemy nations like China, are targeting the agricultural and technology industries, putting farmers at risk across the country. “Seeds are technology,” Sander said during a press conference. “Chinese-owned state corps filter that technology back to their homeland, stealing American research and telling our enemies how to target American farms.”

If the company does not meet its 30-day deadline to pay its fine, he is ready to force the company out of Arkansas altogether. (LEARN MORE: We’re In A ‘New Cold War’ With China, Republican Says)

China Responds

“The order for Syngenta to divest itself of 160 acres of agricultural land in Craighead County, which the company has owned since 1988, is a shortsighted action that fails to account for the effects of such an action, intended or not, on the U.S. agricultural market,” it said in a statement shared by the outlet. It continued: “Our people in Arkansas are Americans led by Americans who care deeply about serving Arkansas farmers.  This action hurts Arkansas farmers more than anyone else.”

Any company with any relation to China exists with a legal loophole that allows the Chinese Communist Party to claim ownership of its entire operating capabilities and all data held within, to be used for military or other purposes.

Holding China Accountable

Our current leadership may not understand the importance of holding China accountable for their repeated attacks on the U.S., but that just means you need to choose new lawmakers and politicians who will. (LEARN MORE: China’s Stealth Invasion Of America Is Happening Now, Experts Warn)

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