Congressman Introduces Bill To Remove Biden

Jul 9, 2024

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy introduced bill H.R. 1336 a day after President Joe Biden debated former President Donald Trump, calling upon Vice President Kamala Harris to use the 25th Amendment and remove Biden from office.

“I put forth a resolution calling upon the Vice President to immediately use her powers under section 4 of the 25th Amendment to convene and mobilize the principal officers of the Cabinet to declare the President of the United States is unable to successfully discharge the duties and powers of his office,” Roy said in a statement shared on his official website.

The resolution stated that “where as President Joseph R. Biden has repeatedly and publicly demonstrated his inability to discharge the powers and duties of the Presidency, including, among others, the powers and duties of the Commander-in-Chief.” (LEARN MORE: City Voters Tell Biden They’re ‘Fed Up’ With Democrats)

What Does This Mean?

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment dictates what happens when a president cannot or will not step aside, the Washington Stand explained. Some Democrats are now apparently trying to position Harris to take Biden’s place.

“There’s one path out of this mess, and it’s Kamala,” a document detailed by CNN apparently reads. “Kamala Harris has the strongest claim to Democratic legitimacy. She is the only candidate who can take the reins right now, instead of in late August with less than three months left to go. She has significant and widely underplayed electoral advantages. She can win.”

Tell All Politicians Where To Focus Their Efforts

Did you know that you, your family, and friends can send letters directly to your elected officials today? We can tell your leaders what you want from their time in office, and what you expect from our federal government, particularly when it comes to our elections. (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

Letter-writing campaigns, or even just a single letter, can be enough to sway policy. So what do you care about and want changed? Let us know, and we’ll send the letters to the right representatives for you.

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