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Documentary Profiles Pastor Who Saved Thousands Of North Koreans

by | Oct 29, 2023

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The trailer for “Beyond Utopia” was released in October, and it looks like one of the toughest stories ever told.

“This film is about people attempting to escape from one of the most dangerous places on Earth,” the first title card reads as the trailer starts to play. “The footage was filmed by the filmmakers, the subjects themselves, and an underground network. This film contains no re-creations.”

From here, we’re invited in to explore the haunting lives of those born in North Korea. And the extreme nature by which its government controls absolutely everything … or so they think.

Pastor Sengeun Kim

Along with highlighting the horrific human rights abuses taking place in North Korea, the film follows the story of Pastor Kim, as he puts his trust in God to help lead many North Koreans to freedom. “It turned out to be a scarier situation than Pastor Kim anticipated or that we anticipated, but they as documentarians were completely game to go and document this journey,” producer Rachel Cohen told CBN.

The film ends right as COVID-19 shuts down the world. But that didn’t stop Pastor Kim from starting a huge community of support for those who successfully escaped.

The Trailer & Release Date

“Beyond Utopia” will be released via Fathom Events on October 23 and 24, before a general theatrical release on November 3.

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