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Take a bold step towards economic justice and political activism with Pirate Money, the groundbreaking book by NY Times bestselling author Kevin D. Freeman. Uncover the founders’ hidden plan for economic justice and arm yourself with the knowledge to defeat the Great Reset. With every page, you’ll be one step closer to understanding money, the wealth gap, and Chinese efforts to displace the American dollar.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • $Comprehensive Insights:Gain a unique understanding of economic justice, the Great Reset, and modern financial challenges.
  • $Engaging Content: Written by a leading expert in Economic Warfare, Pirate Money offers a blend of old-world and modern solutions.
  • $Support a Cause: Your purchase helps Million Voices send free guides to voters across America, making a tangible impact on economic justice.

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    Endorsed by notable figures like Dr. Ben Carson, Charlie Kirk, and Dr. Naomi Wolfe, Pirate Money is more than just a book; it’s a movement.

    “Pirate Money provides insights for those who want to participate in the protection of their financial future.”

    Dr. Ben Carson

    17th Secretary of HUD

    “A map to a hidden treasure of Liberty, Security, and Values. Want economic freedom and justice? This book has the answer.”

    Charlie Kirk

    Founder, Turning Point USA

    A surprising, readable, and important book, which explains to a layperson just how dangerous CBDCs are… and reveals innovative solutions…”

    Dr. Naomi Wolfe

    Best Selling Author

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