Use this guide to support the Texas Transactional Currency Bills SB 2334 and HB4903:

Hey MillionVoices,

I have great news to help us fight off inflation and increase your buying power! The Texas Legislature is considering a law to allow all citizens to have debit cards backed by their own gold in the TX Bullion Depository!

Under the Constitution, Texas can’t print paper money but can have gold-based currency!  Paper money has lost 87% of its value since 1971 when Nixon abandoned the gold standard. This new law is not cryptocurrency and no more digital than your current debit or credit cards.

This law provides the convenience of a debit card tied to your own transactional gold as a great way to protect your pocketbook against future inflation!  It is as easy as opening a bank account.  Protect your hard-earned money!

Click “Open Letter”  to “Copy and Paste” our recommended language, and then “Email Now” to send an email to your Texas Rep and ask them to support HB4903!

Thanks for making a difference! 


Copy the sample email template below:

Email when you’re ready:

Email Guidelines:

1) Include your full legal name and address at the top of the email along with the date, just as you would for a letter being sent in the mail. Yes, this is an email, however, messages from within the elected officials are the only ones that have any weight. They first want to know if the message is from a constituent. They will continue reading when they see the address is within their district.

2) Always address elected officials as ‘The Honorable’ using their official title (Representative, Senator, Assemblyman) and last name. (i.e.. Honorable Senator Golden)

3) Edit the email to include the Senate Bill number for your State Senator and the House Bill number for your Representative or Assemblyman in the first paragraph.

4) Modify the second paragraph if you have specific reasons you support the Bill based on your research.

5) Thank your official for serving. Do not remind them that you vote based on their voting record, they know that already.

6) Let your elected official know you are praying for them.

7) Sign your letter electronically with your full legal name.

8.) Call your elected officials’ office to verify that they received your email.

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