Henry Kissinger Dies Age 100

Dec 1, 2023

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Alfred Henry Kissinger died Wednesday, November 29, aged 100, after a life dedicated to American interests.

Kissinger is remembered for his conservative legacy that reshaped the modern global political landscape. Breitbart noted one of his greatest achievements was splitting communist China from the Soviet Union, leading to the latter’s eventual downfall just two decades later.

He was born to a Jewish family in Furth, Germany, in 1923, and came to the U.S. as a teenager in 1938 to escape the rise of the Nazi party. Years later, he’d return to his homeland as a translator for the U.S. Army. He went on to graduate from Harvard and became an internationally respected scholar and expert in international affairs.

The Legacy Of Nixon

Kissinger was appointed former President Richard Nixon’s National Security Advisor in 1968, a title he retained when he was subsequently appointed Secretary of State in 1973. In the same year, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in crafting an agreement with North Vietnam to end the Vietnam War.

His death comes with many mixed emotions. Many did not appreciate Kissinger’s ability to handle international chaos. And often blamed him when things went wrong, the BBC noted, citing the bloody coup that overturned the leftist rule in Chile.

Rest In Peace

Kissinger died at his home in Connecticut. “A country that demands moral perfection in its foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security,” he once said, which feels very prevalent today.

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