House Speaker Mike Johnson On Faith, Media, And More

Nov 17, 2023

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The new House Speaker, Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson, sat down with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins to discuss his latest role, his faith, and what he thinks the biggest challenges are for the American people to overcome.

“It hasn’t really [set in yet], to be honest,” Johnson admitted to the man he’s known since law school. “And as soon as I was handed the gavel, they told me, ‘When you step down from the rostrum, your life will not be the same so long as you hold the gavel.’ And it’s largely been true,” he noted. “This is an all-points bulletin kind of job. I mean, you have to be on 24 hours a day. There’s not a lot of downtime. And I think that’s particularly true right now because of the way this transition happened. It was a regretful, a regretful [thing],” he continued.

“To assume a speakership, to begin one midstream — right in the midst of a Congress — is very different than it’s normally done.”

The JV To The NFL

“Somebody said it’s the JV team to the NFL,” Johnson said of his sudden rise to power with the nation’s political landscape. “Whatever the metaphor is, it was a lot. And there was a lot to be done, because we were kind of in a tumultuous period for those weeks, and we had to pull the team together. We had to cast the vision. We had to staff up immediately. The speaker’s office has, I think, over 80 employees with the various divisions and jobs that must be handled. We had to set the policies and procedures in place. And immediately, of course, upon us [are] the government funding issues, the appropriations deadline and all the rest. So it’s been a lot,” he stated. “It’s been a lot.”

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