Change Policy - Million Voices


Thank You Call Center Team! Here is a short message from John Graves to you.

We are inviting people to Use Their Voice to change policy.

We help them do this by sending postcards to their state representatives on the issues they care about. These monthly postcards are sent from their home address and include their signature. We will reach out to every person who signs up to capture their issues and their signature.

We suggest a donation of $19.95, but the person can donate more if they choose.

Checks can be mailed to:
Million Voices
5801 Golden Triangle Blvd
Suite 103, PMB 322
Fort Worth, TX 76244

In addition, if the person would like to make an additional donation today to partner with Million Voices for voter guides, they can do that here:

Postcard Donation
If they give us their mobile number, we will text them a free voter guide this election season.

If they want to send the postcards themselves, we will send them an email each month with instructions and the price is $0.00. If they want us to send the postcards each month for them, the price is $19.95.