‘Is Actually An Anti-Christ System’: Survivor Warns Americans Against Socialism

Oct 14, 2023

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An interview published with Bulgarian musician and worship leader Georgian Banov shed light on just how horrifying socialism really is, and why America needs to avoid it at all costs.

“They immediately went after killing every capitalist,” Banov recalled of the communists who took power, during his interview with CBN. “Because according to Karl Marx, capitalism is the main evil. They make them dig a ditch, they throw them in the ditch, they put oil on them and burn them.”

Banov grandmother witnessed these systematic murders, and could never forget the smell.

How Does Socialism Work?

“Everybody makes the same amount of money,” Banov continued. “So if you’re good at something and work hard, you don’t get a dime more than the guys who sit and do nothing. So the productivity goes lower and lower and lower. This is very destructive to a successful economy. Now everybody’s poor. (LEARN MORE: UN Warns World That Terror Groups Are Gaining Strength, And May Bring New Threats To Christians)

“There’s nothing to buy because everything is so depleted. The only thing you could buy every day is bread. Whatever came, we’d buy and we ate it right away. And there wasn’t enough for you to even refrigerate in your house.”

Mass Censorship

“Unless you’re saying things that are in line 100 percent with the communist propaganda doctrine, you get pulled out and eventually you disappear,” Banov explained. “They’re afraid that if they say something, they’re going to get arrested.”

Banov then quoted Marx: “‘God, I hate You and I’ll hurt you by destroying the people You create for Your glory.’ So the whole system is actually an anti-Christ system. They became God. ‘Praise us. Glorify the communists.’ So it’s a religion.”

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