Israeli-American Sends Terrifying Warning

Nov 24, 2023

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Israeli-American activist Noa Tishby issued a terrifying warning to America via CBN News in the wake of the October 7 attacks in Gaza by the Hamas terrorist organization.

“This time around they not only did it in the worst of ways,” Tishby told CBN News. “Beheading of babies in their cribs, the burning of entire families alive, the taking of pregnant woman and slashing her belly and pulling out her fetus and beheading the fetus.”

Following the attacks against Israeli and Palestinian civilians in Gaza on Oct. 7, the U.S. has witnessed a significant rise in antisemitism and antisemitic attacks. And many pro-Palestinian protests have erupted on college campuses and throughout major cities. (LEARN MORE: Democrat Censured Over Anti-Semitism Following Jewish Man’s Murder)

“It’s just horrifying to me how American youth have been brainwashed so badly to think that tearing down a photo of a kidnapped child is God’s work,” Tishby commented. “It defies logic on so many levels.”

Grooming Future Generations

“The grooming, ongoing grooming of western civilization through universities, the media, social media, so that when the time came and the Islamic Nazis carried out the act of genocide many in the West would celebrate it, justify it, and no longer tell the difference between good and evil,” Tishby said in a recent speech.

Many people at pro-Palestinian rallies shout “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” The river is the Jordan, Tishby noted, and the sea is the Mediterranean. “‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will Be Free’ means ethnically cleansing Jews from their ancestral land. There is no other meaning to it,” she stated. (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks Of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

“Hamas has effectively turned Gaza into a terrorist base; the entire city,” said Tishby.  “Their intent is to use Palestinian people as human shields and get as many casualties as they possibly can while their leaders are hiding underground. The blood is on Hamas’ hands.”

A ‘Sign Of Things To Come’

Pro-war lies will spread like wildfire as this international chaos continues. Millions of people will be subjected to false narratives, doctored images, and videos, and who knows what other types of lies to get the U.S. more involved in these wars?

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