Jelly Roll’s ‘Damascus Road’ Encounter

Dec 20, 2023

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Jelly Roll is arguably one of the most successful artists in America right now. His rise through the charts, in a plethora of genres, has been astronomical. But it could have been so different.

The singer has been behind bars more than 40 times, starting at age 14, according to CBN. All of those times were for charges related to drugs. “I had to learn that you could drink alcohol without doing cocaine,” he explained. “It took me a long time to learn that. I’ve never said that, but that’s real.” But in 2008, everything changed.

Jelly Roll was in jail for crack cocaine when his daughter was born. He described the moment as the “Christian Scripture of when Saul turned to Paul on the Damascus Road.”

Blinded To Find True Faith

Sometimes we must be in our darkest places to truly find the light that God shines upon this world. Seeing the light, His light is what leads to salvation.

When you feel like God is persecuting you, perhaps he is only leading you deeper into your faith. The story of Saul and his evolution into St. Paul is one of the greatest, yet simplest moments Jesus Christ offered in our faith. He showed us there are no big or small sinners, just sinners. And when we admit our sins and accept Jesus, our lives can be changed in an instant — as it did for Saul.

It is in the denial of sins that we walk back into the darkness. But when we can admit them, we are saved.

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