Joe Rogan Makes Weird Prediction

Apr 10, 2024

Podcaster Joe Rogan said Saturday that the Democrats would pull President Joe Biden from consideration in the 2024 presidential race and replace him with California Gov. Gavin Newsom as early as May.

“”May. I think he’s got until May,” Rogan told comedian Andrew Schulz. “I feel like right around May, they’re going to pull him.” Schulz said this would be when Newsom comes in, despite Newsom having zero credibility and having utterly destroyed the financial futures, safety, and lifestyles of all those who live under his leadership in California.

“I think he just has health problems and then the country understands, and Newsom is gonna have his support fully and Kamala [Harris] is gonna be like, ‘I don’t even want to be president, I’m cool with being vice president,'” Rogan continued. (LEARN MORE: Supreme Court To Hear Ultimate Free Speech, Censorship Case)

California Running America?

Other than a catastrophic natural disaster or a major domestic terror attack, nothing could be worse for America than allowing two politicians from California to run the entire country. California was one of the harshest-run and most tyrannical states during the COVID-19 pandemic. Newsom has also been involved in all of the laws that have led to multiple humanitarian crises, including those related to the homeless crisis, mental health crisis, and criminal crisis so normalized in his state.

He also enacted various laws to allow criminals to be able to conduct their activities against you — law-abiding citizens — without fear of punishment.

And if you try and leave his state, Newsom has ensured that the tax laws mean you are financially unable to flee. Is this what you really want for America? (LEARN MORE: United Nations, WHO, Use Pandemic Declaration To Push Abortions, Experts Claim)

Nothing Could Be Worse For America Than California

If you are terrified of Californians being able to run our great nation the same way they’ve run their failed state, tell your local, state, and elected officials today. The rest of the country doesn’t need to be abused the same way California is.

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