‘Justice And Righteousness’: CBS Fires Conservative Staff

Feb 16, 2024

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Million Voices CEO John Graves joined host Gene Bailey on “FLASHPOINT” to discuss justice and righteousness in media in the wake of 800 conservative CBS employees being laid off.

Bailey asked John whether he thinks CBS News is the “propaganda arm of the DNC,” as one woman said on Twitter. “I think most of them are the propaganda arm or the marketing arm of the Democrat party. It’s a far-leftist agenda that’s controlling it,” John responded.

He then pivoted the conversation to talk about age, and how this often doesn’t matter if an individual has vision. “Trump’s a classic example,” John explained. “You can be 80 years old and have a vision. Without vision people cast off restraint, they perish.”

It’s A Matter Of Clarity

John said the future of America is less about the age of our presidents and the methods they use to communicate, but it’s about the vision that guides our nation forward. And we need clarity at this moment more than ever. (LEARN MORE: Gen Z Needs To Be ‘Bold’)

“I think it’s a matter of clarity. I think it’s a matter of vision. I think it’s a matter of seeing what in the world are we doing? We can even spend $10 – $15 billion on our own border? That would solve the whole thing!” John continued, shedding light on one of the media’s biggest propaganda missions right now: the U.S. border crisis.

The Dam Is About To Break

John said that, despite the bizarre reasons we’re sending billions of dollars to Ukraine and not spending any on securing our own nation, “the dam is about to break.” (LEARN MORE: GOP Impeaches Mayorkas Over Border)

“You’re gonna see this on the border. You’re gonna see this on the inflation. You’re gonna see this on election integrity,” John explained. “I don’t know where that goes because the danger when the dam breaks is that it’s messy downstream, because it wasn’t handled properly.”

Our Prayer

John said that “our prayer needs to be: ‘God, give us mercy,'” as the dam breaks, as it is real people like us who will be on the banks of the river as the torrents arrive. “So that when these things break, justice and righteousness happens and we sweep away injustice.”

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